Monday, September 5, 2016

MASH Summer Events

MASH had a busy summer this year. We started the summer off with our annual Memorial Day cookout at the Germain residence. There was a great turnout; Mike, Lance, Roxanne, Kevin, Annee, Mike & Stef, Vicki, Paul & Brenda and John who brought some delicious marinated chicken!


Nine of us from MASH Ft. Bragg were able to make it to the Reason Rally in Washington, DC this year; Mike & Wendy, Cheryl & Baily, Michael & Stef, Paul & Brenda and John. Most of us were able to take in some sightseeing at the Smithsonian and other national museums on the mall. Brenda was finally able to visit the Air & Space Museum! The Reason Rally was a great experience and the weather was stunning. The speakers, including Penn Jillette, Lawrence Krauss, John DeLancie and Bill Nye were fabulous. Mike & Brenda were even able to get their pictures taken with Lawrence Krauss!


Our 3rd annual School Supplies Drive for Ferguson-Easley Elementary was a great success! On August 23rd, Paul Germain, Michael Berntsen, Brenda Germain and Stef presented Dr. Mary Hales, the principal at Ferguson-Easley, with our donation for 2016. We were able to donate over $450 worth of new school supplies and another over $100 worth of used bookcases, FAX machine, new toner and assorted office supplies. Dr. Hales was thrilled with what we were able to amass this year.

Our donation was especially need this year as Ferguson-Easley  had to pay to repair their A/C unit which had been robbed of it's copper just days before.

A big thank-you to all of our members who gave generously to this worthy cause, educating children in the rational and critical thinking required in science, technology, math, engineering and life. Ferguson-Easley is a STEM school in an economically challenged area, giving their students the discipline and education to improve their futures and ours!